Sylvester,  a beautiful "flea-bitten gray" colored thoroughbred polo pony, rescued from slaughter in 2009 and faculty member of our polo university.  Sylvester passed away in 2011. He will be missed by all who loved him dearly. He rests between the two tall pine trees overlooking the polo field.
We offer private polo lessons at $75 per lesson. 2 day polo instructional packages are also available. Please contact us for further details.

Polo school facilities include:
  • A 240'x120' outdoor polo arena
  • 2 wooden horses with retrievable ball systems
  • Conference room with whiteboard and classroom equipment
  • 6 or more polo horses owned by the club each with at least 5 years of polo playing experience
  • Foot mallets, instructional DVDs, rules book etc

Surya Polo School


Surya is one of few polo clubs that offers a fully equipped polo school providing students an opportunity to learn polo at a cost comparable to other equestrian disciplines. At Surya we believe a polo school is very important to growing a sport for which the barriers to entry have historically been very high.
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