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The Polo Field
  • The design of the polo field at Surya Polo Club started with the site selection process. The current site offered several advantages including well draining gravel soils, generally level surface and easy access from a main road. 
  • Next we hired a Surveyor to plot the contours of the land followed by a "cut-fill" analysis done by an Engineer to identify areas where material would need to be removed from or added to make the field level. The field must have a good rolling characteristic and a "crown" to naturally drain the water away from the field. 
  • After filling the low spots and ensuring a good "crown", the field was seeded in early 2009 with a special athletic turf blend (tested to withstand the wear from horses' hooves). 
  • After a year of maintenance and mowing, the field was ready to play in summer 2010, our first playing season.
  • We take great pride in the quality of our field which is maintained by equipment (tractor, mower etc) owned by the polo club

Player Membership

  • Please contact us for a schedule of the current season membership dues.

  • Polo players must have at least 1 horse, means of trailering horses to our club and reside within a reasonable travel distance to the club to be eligible for membership.

  • Members commit to play a game at the club facilities during the polo playing season. Practices will be available during the week and scheduled as appropriate. 

  • The club may host tournaments (low or medium goal) separately. Club members will have to pay tournament fees to enter and play in these games. Other restrictions apply.

  • All players must sign the "Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement" before playing at the Surya Polo Club facilities. It is the member or player's responsibility to sign this document. Visiting players or umpires must also sign this release.

  • Players are expected to wear White jeans and present themselves and their mounts in a manner which upholds the professional look of polo.

  • Players must follow all safety regulations and treat all players and horses with respect. Use of foul language, mistreatment of a mount or disregard for safety regulations are cause for immediate dismissal from the polo playing facility.

  • Surya Polo Club is an USPA affilliated club and encourages all members to keep their USPA membership current.

  • The Club reserves the right to cancel a game due to rain, weather or an event conflict. The club adminstration will try it's best to inform all players of a cancellation in advance but cannot guarantee such.

  • The Club encourages players to participate in the Surya Polo University program in the spirit of grooming the next generation of polo players. Such participation is strictly voluntary and the player should not expect compensation for such (except for club staff members and contractors).

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